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The fourth and final song in The Living Tombstone's Five Nights at Freddy's Quadrilogy, I Got No Time. • Watch the Quadrilogy here: http://bit.ly/FNAFQuadrilogy • Subscribe for More! - http://bit.ly/TLT_YT_Sub

Get the Song! • iTunes: http://apple.co/1WzbaXM • Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/FNAF4-Bandcamp • Newgrounds (Free Download): http://bit.ly/FNAF4-Newgrounds • Instrumental (Free Download): http://bit.ly/FNAF4InstDL • Acapella - 90 BPM (Free Download): http://bit.ly/FNAF4-AcapellaDL

Written, Composed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Yoav Landau

Visuals by Pedro Calvo

The Living Tombstone will be at several conventions this year too! • CannonCon 2016 - http://bit.ly/TLT-Cannoncon • JapanPonyCon - http://bit.ly/TLT-JapanPonyCon • EVO - http://bit.ly/TLT-EVO • San Japan - http://bit.ly/TLT-SanJapan

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Verse 1: I got no time, I got no time to live, I got no time to live, and I can't say good bye, And I'm regretting having memories Of my friends who they used to be Beside me before they left me to die.

And I know this is, I know this is the truth, Cause I've been staring at my death so many times, These scary monsters roaming in the halls, I wish I could just block the doors and stay in bed until the clock will chime

Chorus: So my flashlight's on, and stay up 'till dawn, I got this headache and my life's on the line I felt like I won, but I wasn't done, The nightmare repeats itself every time

Got to keep my calm, and carry on stay awake until the sun will shine But I'm not so strong, and they're not gone They're still out there to take what's left of mine

Verse 2 I have this urge I have this urge to kill I have this urge to kill and show that I'm alive I'm getting sick from these apologies From people with priorities That their life matters so much more than mine

But I'm stuttering I'm stuttering again No will listen and no one will understand, Because I'm crying as much as I speak Cause no one likes me when I shriek want to go back to when it all began

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