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More than 182'000 subscribers... Speechless!... Thanks, thanks, thanks again, guys! ^w^

This part was kind of troubled: at first I had planned to make a long episode (almost 3 minutes), but I realized that it would have taken me just too much time! Then I decided to split that long part into two regular episodes, and this is one of them (the other is not done yet, but I'll make it!).

This is a "peculiar" episode: in fact, for the first time, there's not just music, but sound effects (and some voices) too! In this regard, very special thanks to Laphin (aka Jonathan Jones), an amazing voice actor and sound editor, who is helping me A LOT with these videos!

Check out his website http://voiceoverfun.com/ And his YouTube account https://www.youtube.com/user/CharacterVoice

Some of you did see that coming: Foxy saves Chica, and Mangle regrets what she did. She understands that Chica was trying to help her, and she eventually runs away ashamed...

And it ends with a plot twist... And another cliffhanger...! XD You'll see in part 7 what happens next :3

Special thanks as usual to Founders' Hat, who gave me the idea to make a FNAF video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrM1Awvt0Oocg8FjstIrC2w

The songs I've used: Blade of Blood (by Tom Player and Nick Smith) I won't Leave You (by Clinton Shorter, from "Pompeii" OST) Main Title (by William Ross, from "My Dog Skip" OST) Main Theme (by Dennis Michael Tenney, from "Pinocchio's Revenge" OST)

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