Knock-knock-chains - they`re broken my mind And when i see dead people - i feelin` alright So i took that poison, when i kissing old sin Gonna starting my hunt and got the haunted skin

Got the bloody-smell hands, got the anger inside You can never escape, by the way - you will die All your fakes and tricks - ther`re nothin to me I`m your suicide razor, starting sweet agony!

I just wanna to kill you

Pain - it makes my Way - to start the Breath - and feel the World, where i`am not 

Alone! I broke the  Heart, I shedin`  Blood! I crush your Live! To make myself alive! 

So, pretty child, can you never afraid? I wanna cut-you-down - this is my fate. My creeping lust comin` out from damaged soul. Let me gouge your eyes - im` your haunted crow

I hear the voices from the past - they makin` me (SIC)  Maybe I can deny... Don`t know - I`m a Freak! So please don`t be afraid - I need your dying rasp I comin` closer now! I`m your eternal REST!

Can not escape me You can not crush me! 

[Песня : Rissy - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Song - The Hunt (Original MiaRissyTV Song) - YouTube]

Fnaf3 spring trap by darkwarriorpincess-d8mcq0r

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