Я решил делится моими произведениями. И так, первый стих: "Red on Black"

Step by step, barefoot in the water,
The times that we possess,
The sun in holiday, salt is in trouble
Soul was cut in half.

By mistake? Of course not!
Awarded the hearts of birds
Those who remember the way upstairs
And tends to jump down.
We were led guide-cloud,
For step - to-step, over the precipice of the bridge,
Sometimes we throw on the bottom
Sometimes lifted up to the stars
Red on black!

Step by step, the devil is not brother,
The sun - times, moon watch,
Like thaw in the snow,
On the ground we passed.
We were called the black plague,
The evil spirit was hastily us
As we walked, both advanced,
Under the gun close to the eye.
Whether that be! What was there!
Laughter tears, what else is there to live?
If the song is not destined to finish singing,
So at least to have time to lay down.
Red on black!

And on the cross not baked blood,
And nails and are unable to rust,
And finally, the same love,
But as a prologue, that same death.
Maybe it's just my nonsense,
Maybe life is not so good
Maybe I will not come to light,
But I did when I sang with soul.
Chest and laughed fires,
And carried to heaven on a rainbow of tears
As the humility - the eyes of Zarathustra,
As slap - Christ!
Red on black!
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